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Ken Lovern: Links

The Green Lady Lounge is Red!
OJT plays at the Green Lady Lounge every Wednesday 9-12 and every Saturday 9:30 to 1:30. 1809 Grand; KCMO. This Club has a hip retro cocktail vibe. Never a Cover.
My organ tech has a great site for hammond organ parts and information. He is located here in the KC area. The finest in hammond organ parts and maintenance!
Doodlin' Lounge
This is Pete Fallico's site dedicated to organ jazz and it's musical relations. Definitely worth checking out. Especially the "Featured Artist."
The Doo-Dads Rock and Roll for kids
If you've got kids between the ages of 2 and 12 and they like to Rock, check out The Doo-Dads. Original Rock and Roll music for kids. Also you can see a cartoon version of me and all the Doo Dads.
Abstract Logix
Abstract Logix is a new site that features progressive music. They sell the OJT CD.
MySpace Videos
You can see a short video clip of OJT playing live at
Brian Baggett Band
Brian is the extraordinary guitar player in OJT. His site features music from his many project including the fusion band DOJO.
Wayne Goins Jazz Guitar and Little Apple Records Site
Dr. Wayne Goins is a fantastic guitar player that I record and play gigs with.
Skip Heller Jazz Guitarist and Musicologist
Skip is a guitar player from philly (It's not a big organ town) who lives in LA. He champions organ jazz in his own, unique punk rock mindset way. I was lucky enough to play a set with Skip this summer. He works with a lot of great organ players . . . Joe Bag etc.
The Phoenix Jazz Club
The newly re-opened Phoenix has a new web site.
Micah Herman
Micah is a bassist who has been active in the Kansas City scene for many years. He is currently involved in promoting jazz in Kansas City and New Orleans. Good music samples on his site.
The myspace page for OJT + B. Pics and MP3s. Come be our friend.
CD BABY site for Bukeka Shoals with Ken Lovern's OJT: OJT + B
Here is the link to the CD BABY site that is selling the new OJT + B CD.
Ken Lovern's OJT myspace page
Our page on come be our friend.