New Originals for the Green Lady


New Originals for the Green Lady is the fourth album length release by the Kansas City group OJT (organ jazz trio). This release features original compositions by Ken Lovern and Brian Baggett and one completely improvised piece titled Back Yard Improv Jam.

Innovative Kansas City artist Nina Irwin created unique cover art specifically for this album. Nina is known for her delicate dreamlike landscapes, her beautiful use of color, and her multi layered treatment of surfaces. The artwork is particularly striking on the vinyl album cover.

OJT New Originals for the Green Lady

Individual Track Notes by Ken Lovern:

  1.  Lamanai is an ancient Mayan city in Belize that I visited a few years ago with my family.  It was a very awe inspiring trip, and I composed this song upon our return.  Whenever we play this tune, I think of taking the boat up the river to the site.  There are pyramids, monoliths, and ball fields.  The site is quite remarkable. 

  2.   Going to Chi Town is Brian Baggett’s rhythm changes tune with a nod to the Deep Blue Organ Trio from Chicago.  We are fans of that band, and we all enjoy listening to them.

  3.  Scoo Ba Dit is one of my more long form compositions.  My thought was to capture the vibe of one of our extended group improvisations, moving from different rhythmic feels and different harmonic centers.

  4.  Back Yard Improv Jam is just that.  We recorded this record in my backyard studio, and this was an improvised jam done at the end of a recording session where we had played all of our compositions about as many times as we could stand.  So, we decided to try something different.   This tune was complete group improvisation with no chart or even discussion of what we would play.  That is why the composition credit goes to all 3 band members.  Kevin Frazee starts it off playing a tongue drum that I brought back from Belize. As for the bird songs, I was mixing the track one day and heard birds singing along.  So I set up some microphones and captured the sounds of my backyard birds as well.  There are not many jazz recordings with birds on them!

  5. Albert Einstein’s Hair is an older composition of mine.  We have been playing this extended jam tune for over 12 years.  

  6. Rooftop Blues is an uptempo blues composed by Brian Baggett a few years back when we were doing a rooftop gig at the short lived Bice Lounge in the fledgling Power and Light District in downtown Kansas City.

  7. The Shorter Shuffle is Brian Baggett’s dedication to the great Wayne Shorter.  There are a lot of harmonic shifts contained in this gem of tune.

8.  Pretty Toasted is a Brian Baggett composition wth a 16 measure form, and it is a staple in our live set lists.

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