Kansas City organist can't escape the grooves. (Kansas City Star Story 10-20-05) 

Posted on Thu, Oct. 20, 2005

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KC organist can’t escape the grooves



The Kansas City Star In music as in life, the thing that inspires the deepest commitment might be slow in coming. But when it finally arrives, watch out. Case in point: Ken Lovern, an exciting Kansas City jazz organist who didn’t commit to the instrument until he was in his 30s — after he had become a lawyer, after he thought he had left his old life as a keyboardist behind. “Really, I hadn’t played much organ…

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Background info on first OJT CD 

Background Information for the first (2005) Release on Jazz Daddy Records Ken Lovern’s OJT (Organ Jazz Trio) The new CD Ken Lovern’s OJT features some of the area’s finest musicians and is a testament to the durability and flexibility of organ jazz. The last few years have seen a resurgence of jazz played on the mighty Hammond B-3 organ. Typically accompanied by guitar and drums with occasional guest horn players, organ jazz groups have been playing music that people enjoy for over 50 years. Ken Lovern…

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